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Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids

As August rolls its way in, the one thing on most parents’ and kids’ minds is back to school. August is when the last lingering moments of summer seem to slip away from you, and all of a sudden autumn creeps up on you. But back to school is a time when you get to set your intentions for the year, and hopefully get off to a good start for the school year. Read below for tips on how to prepare your kid for the upcoming school year!


1. Make sure they’re prepared with all their supplies. Nothing was more dreadful than showing up to the first day of school realizing you don’t have the required textbook or workbook. Most of the time teachers will post a required reading list online that makes it easy to ensure your kid is well prepared for the year. Be sure to keep a checklist of things you need for the school year so you can keep track of what you have and still need to get. 


2. Start fixing their sleep schedule. Well, it’s fine to let the kids sleep in and stay up later during the summer, but if their schedule isn’t fixed prior to school starting they are going to be groggy and sleepy the first week of school. Try and start fixing their sleep schedule a week or so before the first day of school to ensure they’ll be well-rested when school starts. Also, try and make sure they’re not spending too much time on their devices before bed and instead of doing something like reading or journaling to wind down before bed. 


3. Make sure they eat a good breakfast every morning. Breakfast actually is the most important meal of the day, and nothing is more grueling than trying to get through your morning classes when all you can think about is lunch. Always make sure your kid has a good and hearty breakfast to hold them over until lunch so they’re able to use up all the food to put their mind to work in class.


4. Try and make sure they implement reading into their routine. It’s hard to suddenly have to be reading so much the second school starts, so it’s important to be reading over the summer. This also helps to create a love for reading, which can make school all the more fun. Simultaneously, it keeps kids off the devices and their brains active as they engage in a good book rather than watching TV or playing video games all day. P.S. If you want some book recommendations, check them out here!


5. Limit their screen time. You don’t want your kid to be craving their iPad or phone all throughout school, so make sure they’re not overdoing it on the screen time. Instead, have them spend time outdoors while the weather is still nice. The chill of late autumn and winter comes on quickly, so make sure they’re getting that vitamin D from the summer sun rather than staying inside on the computer.  

6. Keep an open dialogue with them about how they feel about the upcoming school year. Ultimately, your kid knows what they need for this school year so make sure to talk to them about how they’re feeling. Don’t necessarily pry, but just make sure you make it clear that if they have any anxieties they can talk about it and you can work out how to make them feel more comfortable about the new school year. School can be a really scary and stressful place for some kids, but it doesn’t have to be if the right steps are taken.