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CASA Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensure a child’s best interests are represented at every stage in the case.

  • Most importantly, speaking with the child, and speaking with others who play a major role in the child’s life, including parents, foster parents, therapists, teachers, and doctors
  • Visit face to face with the child or family at a minimum of three hours a month, or as directed by staff
  • Maintain complete and confidential records about the case
  • Review appropriate records related to the case

Report findings to the court by submitting formal written reports to the Judge and attorneys on the case.

  • Provide a written court report containing factual information and recommendations at each court hearing

Ensure representation of child's best interest

  • Attend appropriate child-focused meetings and participate collaboratively
    • These meetings may address the child’s placement, educational needs, or mental health
  • Attend court hearings to testify to what is in the child's best interest

Monitor a case following each court hearing

  • Ensure the case plan is being followed
  • Ensure court ordered services are being provided to the child and the family in a timely manner

Consult regularly with CASA staff

  • Develop case plan
  • Check in with CASA staff once a week during the first three months of your case, and every other week thereafter
  • Submit court reports a minimum of 14 days prior to court date
  • Participate in annual evaluations

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